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How Research Paper Should Look Like

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A research paper is a type of an academic paper. Other that an academic paper form, a research paper can be a term paper or a dissertation. All forms of research papers are based on intensive research. College students doing their degree and master programs are commonly assigned with research papers. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to be conversant with a research paper structure. In some institution, lecturers will educate on how to develop a research paper while others do not. 

Research Paper Structure

A research paper structure is easy to understand once a student has mastered the main concepts required.

A research paper has different parts. Research paper writing is different among various students in terms of format for a research paper. Some students may opt to use the introduction part as their first part while another place it last by giving a summary of the research paper. While drafting a research paper, it is essential to give a general presentation of the research problem. Then, students are required to state their objectives in carrying out the research and give their position on the subject matter.


Basics fro Research Paper Writing

In research paper writing, students are required to give a general presentation of the benefits achieved from the research or give reasons why the problem has not yet been solved. If a student opts to put the introduction part first, then this would the perfect place to fit in.  A statement of intent comes next. In research paper writing, it is relevant to provide the reader a clear and brief outline of the research paper. Students can opt to give background information of the problem, research problem, objectives and a thesis statement briefly.

Students should also give the methods of research to use. The method of research varies with the fields. This part of the research paper is easy to draft. It is not important to explain the methods used in details as it will consume a lot of time.  Students can only state the equipments used in the research methods. In case there are many questions covering the method part, students are advised to attach a questionnaire and ensure that they make it clear and have attached it. After this, students are required to present their results. The results can be either quantitative or qualitative. Once the results have been relayed, students are required to discuss their findings. Students can also add their opinion on the findings. Ensure that the discussion relates to the thesis statement.  Please note that the methods of research, verdicts and discussion should be presented in different paragraphs.

The conclusion is the second last part. A student should build on his or her discussion and also refer the findings to other research and the world. This part can also be used for emphasis of the importance of the research problem. The reference page comes last on the format for a research paper. Students are required to list all the sources used for the research. MLA and APA are common formats used in research papers.