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You consent to the following conditions by placing an order in

  1. Product Use: we do not allow, encourage or condone the passing of any of our products as the work of the client to tutors. We only provide material to be used for research, reference and study examples to be used by the client in the projects that he or she might be working on.
  2. Contact Info: our clients are obliged to give us credible information that we use to contact them and to deliver complete orders. We do not stand accountable for delivery delays caused by failure to provide this information.
  3. Cancelling Orders: a customer should not anticipate a refund after payment for the order has been made, and a writer has been assigned to the order. We can, however, under special conditions explained in our Money Back Guarantee, work out a refund for the client. The reimbursement is determined by among other things the progress made by the writer in completing the order.
  4. Resources Used: our writers use the most relevant and appropriate resources available to them in completing orders. A customer can however direct the writer on the resources that will be utilized in the work on the order. If such resources are not accessible to the writer, it is the client’s duty to provide them in a good time to the writer. Such material should be uploaded through the client’s account on If there are delays that result from late delivery of resource materials to the client, does not hold any accountability, and no claims for refund can be made. We can also acquire resource materials that are not free online for the writer. This has to be permitted by the customer and will come at an added cost to the client.
  5. Instructions: when you place an order at, you ought to provide all the essential information that is required for the order to be completed efficiently to your satisfaction. You are also expected to respond in a good time to all requests from the writer. You can’t hold accountable if you receive a product that does not satisfy your expectations because you failed to respond to requests from the writer. Nonetheless, you can always ask for a free revision if the final product is not in line with the guidelines outlined in the initial order. Extra charges will be made for a request deviating from the original instructions.
  6. About Plagiarism: if you find that there are traces of plagiarism in the final product, we will provide the results of our plagiarism scan. If you can prove that indeed the work has been plagiarized, we will revise the paper and eliminate the plagiarism at no extra cost.
  7. Technical and Electronic Issues: does not take any responsibility for delays caused by electronic failure and complications such as failing of the client’s internet and servers.

A customer who places his/her order at agrees to this disclaimer and its provisions. provides only the finest writing services and products. It is always our delight to have clients chose us as their preferred writing service. Any queries regarding our operations, services and products can be sent via our contact form. A representative from will answer such enquiries promptly.

Customer Acknowledgement

When a customer places an order at, it means that, having read and understood our terms and conditions, he or she consents to be officially bound to them. We can always provide you with any certification that you desire before getting into an agreement with us. The products and material we offer are entirely designed for reference and research and are not necessarily guaranteed to affect your grades in any way.

Payment Agreement

The customer gives our company the mandate to charge his or her credit card to cover the total cost of completing the order placed at

Order Cancellation

Cancelling an order at requires that a formal email is sent to our Support team before a writer has been assigned the order. A cancellation request may, nonetheless, be rejected if the customer violates our user agreement. Each request for order cancellation is considered individually.

Delivery Deadlines and Delays

We are extremely good at sticking to the deadline that you set for your order. is not responsible if a delay is caused by:

  • Delayed Verification:  before we can begin working on your order, you have to verify in good time that the billing information you give is accurate and authentic.
  • Customer’s Communication Failure: the client is expected to respond promptly to any communication from the writer or the company regarding the work on the order. Failure to do this may cause delays in delivery that are not our fault.
  • Inaccurate Contact Information: the customer has to give a valid phone number, and working email address to be reached via for communication and delivery of the complete order.
  • Alteration of Initial Instructions: if a customer changes the initial instructions on the order, this constitutes editing for which the client will have to be charged extra and consequently extend the original deadline.
  • Lack of Clear Information about Resource Materials: when you place an order at, provide the writer with the necessary information about the resource materials that he or she should use to complete the order. If such resources are rare or unavailable to the writer alternatives must be provided. This should be within:
  1. 8 hours for 48-hour to 14-day deadlines
  2. 1 hour for 12  to 24-hour deadlines
  3. 30 minutes for deadlines less that 12 hours
  • Wrong Academic Level Selection: accidentally or non-accidental selection of the wrong academic level may result in additional costs and should be notified to the customer support immediately so that the necessary corrections can be made. This should be preferably before a writer is assigned to the order.
  • Delayed Payments: work on the order will not begin unless complete payment has been made by the customer. Payment should thus be completed in good time so that no delays ensue.

Our Customer Support is very useful in clearing issues that arise with the delivery of complete orders. If delays are entirely our fault, we will recalculate the price and a partial refund may be given. The customer may also save up the amount for future orders. This sum will act like a discount in subsequent orders that he or she places in

Legal Tender

Use of should be according to the state or national laws on online purchase and use of academic writing services. Stolen credit card and other illegal violation including cybercrime will be immediately notified to the authorities.

Our service will only be used for reference purposes and not in any other way.

Our customer’s privacy is respected, and cookies are used with the express permission of the customer.  A customer can however adjust the browser settings to reject cookies on This may, nonetheless, limit one from accessing some of the services offered on our website.

Our customers will periodically notified via email on various offers, promotions and special discounts from The customer is, however, allowed to unsubscribe from receiving such information from  

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