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Revision Policy

Satisfaction is guaranteed in is committed to producing papers that generate 100% customer satisfaction. The work that our writers produce is premium and sure to satisfy all our clients fully. However, when a customer feels that the work is not in line with the original instructions that he or she provided, a request for free modification can be made by contacting the customer support. The following policies guide free revision requests in

  • The request must be within the confines of the instructions given in the original order placed. No deviations should be made from the original order specifications. If for instance, 5 references were requested in the initial order and the revision requests for additional references, such a deviation will constitute editing and thus will not be free. 
  • A revision request that adheres to the original requirements giving when the initial order was placed will be executed free of charge. We are all about customer satisfaction; therefore, a product that does not satisfy our clients is revised free of charge.
  • A request for revision should be sent within a week of receiving the final product. This allows adequate time for the customer to review the paper to determine if it satisfies all the instructions of the order. If the request comes after seven days, some extra amount of payment may be charged.
  • A customer may additionally request for a different writer to do the revision.

In maintaining customer satisfaction, offers its client’s unlimited revisions until all the preferences are met. However, all requests must be reasonable and genuine. A customer should not exploit our writers or abuse this option for revision requests. The request made for a revision must be justifiable and logical.

The option to request for a revision is not limited to some of our customers; it is offered to all of our clients regardless without prejudice or bias whatsoever. As long as the request reflects the initial instructions of the order, our writers will look into it and revise the product for free.

Like it was stated earlier, we are keen on fulfilling the initial instructions of your order to the best of our ability. In doing so, we will offer unlimited revisions based on the following:

  • The revision request does not conflict with the initial instructions of the order. The instructions in the revisions must not in any way contradict the original instructions issued when the customer was placing the order. Our Quality Assurance Department will look into the request and determine whether it is legit. If the department finds that the writer fulfilled all your initial requests the request for a free revision will be overlooked.
  • Our Customer Support is to be contacted via email, phone or live chat in case one feels that it is absolutely necessary for a product to be revised. The request for revision should be sent in written form and sent to us before one approves the order.
  • A request for a free revision should be submitted to within seven days after the final copy has been uploaded to your personal account. For longer papers with over 20 pages, this duration is extended to 14 days.
  • The client is entitled to unlimited revisions according to the initial instructions given until the final product is satisfactory to him or her.

In case a customer needs to make changes to the initial instructions, such as when a student has extra requirements or pages not indicated in the original order, an editing order should be placed. Such an order should clearly describe all the modifications that the client desires. This should also be done if the time window for requesting a revision has closed. However, if the revision comes within the revision window, one can simply pay for the additional requirements and pages.

Other reasons for revision may include alterations to the assignment by the professor, forgetting to include some information in the initial order, giving info that is misleading in the initial order. In such scenarios, the client will be charged an extra amount for this.

A revision will be paid when:

  • Changing order instructions happens, when work on the order is ongoing
  • A professor gives comments or feedbacks that warrant new information or additional pages
  • Crucial information is left out in the original order or misleading information is given hence, a correction is necessary
  • An extra charge is made to the client if the writer had to buy resources and the customer having been contacted about the matter failed to respond. Additionally if there are new materials included in the revision request, the customer will have to pay for the revision

The Customer Support Department also helps one to get a revision after approving the order and when the reason window has closed. This revision is nonetheless not free.

After the revised product has been sent to the customer, he or she has 14 days to review the document. If this time passes without any comments from the client, assumes that the customer was contented with the revision.

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