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How to Make a College Power Point Presentation: A Brief Guide

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How To Make College Power Presentation

A power point presentation is a wonderful tool that you can use to present an idea, explain a concept, or persuade your audience. A good powerpoint presentation can appeal to both visual and auditory learners. The challenge you will face is creating a presentation that is interesting that holds the attention of your audience, and that communicates your message in a mature and effective manner. If you follow a few guidelines, there is a very good chance that your presentation will be a success. Keep reading to learn how to make a college powerpoint presentation.

Selecting a Style for your Powerpoint Presentation

The first thing to consider, as you learn to how to make a powerpoint presentation, is the style of your presentation. Think of style as the overall look and feel of your presentation. This would include the font size and color that you opt to use, background colors and patterns, the way one slide transitions to the next, even whether or not sound will accompany your presentation. Many students view these items as cool effects that will make their presentation more enjoyable to watch. The truth is this, color, sound, pattern, and other elements can be used to help you get your message out. For example, using a lot of blues in a business presentation and a classic looking font will provide an air of professionalism for your presentation. Whatever style decisions you make, try to maintain the same look and pattern throughout your presentation.

Slide Design Tips and Techniques

When you design your slides, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Stick to a single idea for each slide. It is okay to add supporting points to that single idea, but do not confuse your audience by introducing multiple concepts on one slide.
  • It is fine to embed pictures and videos in your slides as long as it makes sense for them to be there.
  • Adding sub-points to your slides one at a time gives you a moment to address each before moving on to the next one.
  • If you are going to have your slideshow run automatically, make sure each slide is displayed for an adequate amount of time.

Planning Your Presentation

A third thing to consider when learning how to do a powerpoint presentation is the actual presentation itself. If you are working on a group project, you should decide which member of the group will do the speaking, which will run the presentation, and if needed, which will handle any other aspects of the presentation. Before giving the college presentation, take the time to make copies of each slide to give to all of the members of your audience. This will help them to follow along. It will also give them a place where they can jot down notes. These are also great for question and answer sessions. When a question comes up, you can simply ask your audience to refer back to the slide as a way to jog their memories while you answer the question.