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Writing a Lady Macbeth Ambition Essay or Other Impressive Paper on Macbeth

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Writing a Lady Macbeth Ambition Essay or Other Impressive Paper on Macbeth

It is very rare for a student to take Literature courses at the college level without being asked to write about two Shakespearean plays. The first is Romeo and Juliet. The second is Macbeth. The reason for this is simple. Most scholars see these two works as Shakespeare's flagship tragedies. This is in large part due to the fact that these plays have elements and themes in them that are still relevant today. Of course, for now, Romeo and Juliet is not on point. For this posting we will be focusing on what it takes to write a great Macbeth essay. Whether you want to focus on Lady Macbeth's naked and ultimately tragic ambition, or other essay topic, keep reading. We'll give you some great ideas about essay topics and some writing tips.

Essay Questions and Writing Prompts to get Your Macbeth Paper Started

Macbeth is a complex piece of literature. Shakespeare skillfully developed multiple characters who are extremely complex. In addition to this, both his use of language and the themes he evoke could be fodder for many essay topics all on their own. All of these things combined together give you lots of options when it comes to selecting your essay topic. Mull these ideas over and you may find the perfect subject.

  • Write a Macbeth ambition essay outlining the way that Lady Macbeth's ambition set into motion such a tragic series of events.
  • Discuss the ways in which Macbeth sinks further and further into depravity and corruption the more his position of power is at risk. Do you believe that this is inevitable anytime a politician is given too much power?
  • An election year is coming up and the field of candidates is full of people who are extraordinarily ambitious. Is this a good or bad thing?
  • Can you think of any modern day examples where a public figure has used devious behavior to obtain a goal?
  • Write a character analysis on Macduff and the horrifying loss he suffered.
  • Explore the themes of guilt and shame as demonstrated by the development of the character, Lady Macbeth.
  • It is Lady Macbeth who puts everything into motion, but is she truly the villain in this play?
  • Explore the theme of manipulation and femininity in Macbeth. Why do you think that this is such a common theme in literature? Does it reflect an inherent sexism in literature?
  • Shakespeare uses witches, once again, to help drive his story line. Is this an effective technique?
  • Write about Shakespeare's use of supernatural themes in Macbeth.

Once you have selected your essay topic, you are now ready to begin writing your essay. From here the advice is much the same as it would be for any other essay. You'll need to read the play more than once to gain the understanding that you need. Take good notes, and always keep your mind on developing a good thesis.