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My American Dream Essay: Writing About Hope and Inspiration

Defining the American Dream Essay

It is much too simplistic to say that this is an essay about the American dream. While this essay does require that you explore answers to the question, 'what is the american dream?' your options for answering that question are nearly without limit. You can explore this topic by examining your own thoughts on the American dream. You can turn to literature to explore this. For example, you can write an essay that answers the question, 'what is the American dream in The Great Gatsby?'. Any essay that helps your reader gain a better understanding or new perspective about the American dream should be considered to be a successful essay.

American Dream Essay Ideas

Here are some ideas that you can use to communicate the American dream to others.

  • Write an essay that explores the meaning of the American dream to various groups of people
  • Do you have a friend or family member who is an immigrant? Write about their experiences in leaving another country to pursue the American dream?
  • Has the American dream changed in the last 25 years?
  • Why do members of different generations define the American dream in different ways?
  • Is the American dream accessible for everybody?
  • Write an analysis essay on the Great Gatsby American dream
  • Write a definition essay exploring the meaning of the American dream
  • What would you tell somebody who was planning to move to America about the American dream?
  • Write about somebody you believe has achieved the American dream
  • Is the American dream a myth?
  • Watch a movie or read a book where the American dream is a central theme. Then right a movie or book review essay.
  • What will the American dream mean to the next generation
  • Explore how attitudes towards immigrants today might fly in the face of what the American dream is
  • What are the things that somebody must accomplish in order to achieve the American dream.
  • How important is the role of education in the American dream?

The Changing American Dream

One of the reasons that this is a relatively popular essay topic is that the American dream has changed so much throughout the history of this country. The novella, The Great Gatsby is frequently referenced when the topic of the American dream is mentioned, because it truly represented the pursuit of the American dream in the early twentieth century. Then, the dream was the pursuit of wealth and grammar. This has changed multiple times over the years. Baby boomers saw the American dream as stability. Home ownership, having a stable job that lasted until retirement, and obtaining a few luxuries was typical of their American dream. Younger generations seek emotional fulfillment, more time with family and friends, and the chance to pursue passions. It may be tempting to judge one generations' version of the American dream as better or worse than another, but that is myopic. The American dream has been impacted by the Great Depression, war, shifts in cultural attitudes, and even natural disasters.