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Policing White-collar Crime

A serious problem which is found all over the world is 'crime.' It is all around us and can be seen in everyday lives. Usually we hear about the 'street crimes' only which includes robberies, rape cases and murders. However, another form that is 'white collar' crime is also present at the same time. The effects of this crime can also be devastating to the victims and the society. The consequences of white collar crime can be severe. The only difference is that in this criminal activity people of high social, economic scale are involved. A person involved in white collar crime can as danger as a gang member.

The challenge faced by the law enforcement agencies is finding and prosecution of the white collar crime as it can be time consuming, difficult to understand and very hard to investigate. Another problem is that these crimes are given little or no importance. Governments and politicians focus more on the 'street crimes.'  It is very rare to hear about a white collar crime in the media. However, the white collar crimes committed are far more costly and damaging than street crimes. Still it has hard to find people who want to raise concerns regarding them. Usually the people involved in white collar crimes are the ones who have powers and financially sound.

These are the people who decide where the funding will go. According to a popular belief, when the corrupt has power, justice is farce. White collar crime is present almost everywhere and will continue to decay the society and it is structure. Further steps should be taken to curb white collar crimes out of the society.  Special training programs should be introduced to make the law enforcement agencies to take control of this kind of criminal activity

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