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The “Can Money Buy Happiness? Essay” – This Could Get Tricky

Content the  can money buy happiness   essay

Money and Happiness Essay

If you have been assigned an essay with such a topic, you will have a bit more work to do than you think. It’s easy to have an opinion, but backing it up may indeed take some thought and a bit of research. The old saying, “Money can’t buy happiness” is nice, of course, but it may not be completely true.

The Persuasive Essay

Remember that an essay on this topic will be persuasive. You will need to take a stand and defend it. As you think about it, ask yourself a few questions about observations you may have made in your life. So you know rich people who are happy? Unhappy? Do you know middle-class and poor people who are happy? Unhappy? Your answer is probably “yes.” So, you will have to dig deeper to find the factual information that will help you develop an opinion and support it.

Begin with a Definition

How do you define happiness? Will “experts,” that is psychologists and psychiatrists agree with your definition? They don’t fully agree with each other. Some say it is a sense of well-being and satisfaction with life; others say that it involves pleasure, engagement (life with family friends, productive work, and hobbies), and meaning (finding some larger purpose outside of yourself). Do some research and thinking and come up with your own definition. You will not be right or wrong. Once you have your answer to what is happiness, you have to ask yourself, can money buy any of that? You answer determines your thesis statement, and you must now go forth and persuade others.

Important Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors and questions you must considers as you do your research and develop your opinion and evidence.

  1. What is meant by the pursuit of happiness? If you have a clear definition of happiness for yourself, then it is going after those things you say make up happiness.
  2. Can money buy any of the components of your definition of happiness? For example, suppose you have decided that engagement is a factor – life with family, friends, productivity, hobbies, etc. Certainly, money can allow the pursuit of hobbies, inexpensive or expensive; life with family may include experiences (e.g. vacations) that cost money. The point is this: For each element of your definition, you will need to determine if money enhances that or not? You happiness essay can thus become a bit complex.
  3. Do things bring temporary or permanent happiness? What do the experts say?
  4. Is it easier to be happy when you are wealthy than when you are poor?

Organizing Your Essay

Your essay body will be determined by your thesis statement which you will put in your introduction. Suppose you are taking the stand that money can buy certain types of happiness, if it is used in the right way. Each of your body paragraphs will then take a part of your definition and demonstrate how money may help achieve that.

If you take your time and give this essay some careful thought, you will have a piece of persuasive writing that will be worthy of a good grade – that would make you happy.