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Alone by Edgar Allan Poe Analysis Essay Writing Advice

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Alone by Edgar Allan Poe Analysis Essay Writing Advice

Alone is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe that was discovered in a photo album years after he had died. It was not published during his life, nor was it intended to be. This 21 line lyric poem is widely thought to be a reflection on Poe's own difficult childhood and the regrets that he carried into adulthood. Much of the poem appears to be about his descent from innocent child to disturbed adult who struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. The overall theme is the impact of a lonely childhood on an adult. This is demonstrated when Poe talks about the stormy life. He was often left to fend for himself, and this led to him having been influenced by both positive and negative people, decisions, and events. An Alone by Edgar Allan Poe analysis will involve you breaking the poem down and examining it in many ways.

What is an Analysis Essay?

An analysis essay, or in this case, a poem analysis, is essentially a detailed exploration of a literary work. Edgar Allan Poe Essays, short stories, and poems are frequently the subject of literary analysis essays. Essentially, what you will be doing is reading 'Alone' from an analytical perspective and then writing about what you find. Somethings to explore are:

  • Poe's use of literary elements including similes and metaphors
  • The rhyming scheme that Poe used and whether or not it was effective
  • Figures of speech used and what they mean
  • The overall tone or mood of the poem

Using Comparison in Your Analysis

Another option that you have which might make your essay a bit richer is to compare 'Alone' with some of the works that Poe had published commercially. In which ways does Poe's writing style different? Do you think that the fact that he had no intention of having the general public read this work had any impact on this?

Considering the Author's Personal History in Your Analysis

Because this poem is so autobiographical, any analysis on it would be incomplete if Poe's childhood and adulthood were both left out of your writing. In order to add the proper perspective, you will need to take some time to learn the details of Poe's childhood, and personal life as an adult. The poem addresses loneliness, instability, sadness, and an overall darkness. You will need to find what events in Poe's life are the driving factors behind these references. The poem uses the word demon, perhaps your analysis could explore what Poe's demons were. Some are obvious such as his alcoholism, but your research may bring up more examples.

Edgar Allan Poe's work can be tedious to analyze if you do not care for literary works that tend to be dark and gloomy. If this is the case, is always happy to provide students with assistance with essays on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, or any other author. Feel free to contact us via our website.