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Cause and effect essay

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A cause and effect essay entails writing about why certain things happen and the eventual results that come afterwards. It is one of the best methods of organizing and discussing ideas especially if the subject at hand is complicated. Cause and effect essays are just like any other type of essays and will require you to base your arguments around a thesis statement. The thesis statement will stipulate both causes and effects set to be discussed in the essay, but a nutshell. A cause and effect essay outline comes much later when you have thought about the subject matter and the way you will organize your ideas.


A cause effect essay will call research because brainstorming alone will not guarantee you all the hard facts that will connect the causes and their resultant effects. You should aim at support the thesis of your essay with relevant and sufficient details in a well-organized manner. That way, your ultimate reader will not have to worry what is cause and effect essay when reading. They will be transitioned from one paragraph to another. Mind you, a complete paragraph bears a cause and its effect with a thorough explanation of the two.

Organization of a Cause and Effect Essay

Many are times you will be asked to ponder about how to write cause and effect essay, but you will be in a better position to answer the question if you under the following;

  • It is just like any other essay though it requires details that are arranged in a chronological order. A cause and effect format calls for ideas that stand out right from the beginning of the paper.
  • Writing a cause and effect essay requires the writer to arrange the ideas or details in the order of importance preferably from the most to the least important detail.
  • You must organize you causes and effects under several categories so that each section exhausts a single idea. Such an essay can be understood otherwise there will traces of dangling sections that have no meaning.

The Three Major Parts

An essay cause and effect format contains an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction performs major functions after you have narrowed down to one topic from a list of cause and effect essays topics. The introduction is the maiden paragraph of your essay that will tell the read what your essay is all about. The introduction should be good in order to create anticipation among readers. They will form a positive attitude around your essay if you have introduced the topic remarkably. Additionally, the introduction encompasses the main points your essay. Write different categories that fall under a cause and effect essay of your choice.

The body of your essay should carry the main ideas of the essay but broken down into a number of paragraphs. The number of paragraphs you include in the cause and effect essay will depend on the instructions given by your professor. Make use of an example cause, and effect essay you might have used in class. The body should be in a defined order, but it up to you to decide which ideas should appear first in your paper. However, make sure that the order makes a lasting impression to the reader. Have a rationale for presenting your ideas in a specific order.


Transitions are some of the important components of a cause and effect essay. A cause and effect essay structure makes use of transitions to take the reader through one set of cause and effect to another. They will provide a coherent essay that connects the introduction, body and a conclusion.

The conclusion is the most vital component or section of this type of essay. It contains the summary of the cause and effects you have presented in the body. You should also restate your thesis statement in the paragraph. Even a cause and effect sample essay will tell you that the conclusion should leave the target reader with a lasting and good impression. It is a reminder of the support ideas you have raised coupled with well-thought backup claims. The ideas should be summarized in a clear and concise manner so that the cause & effect essay makes sense.