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APA Format Citation

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Writing an essay or research paper with all the facts, figures, well-spelt out topic sentences is never enough. Part of the information that you have presented to back up the primary claim of your paper is a summary of the exemplary work done by another author. Your paper has quotes or paraphrased statements that you have borrowed from scholarly components such as books and peer-reviewed articles. You may chip in your ideas based on the knowledge and understanding you have on the topic on the paper, but your work must be formatted and written in a preferred style that acknowledges the ideas you have borrowed. That is the ultimate make of an academic writer.

One of the formatting and style methods that your professor will ask you to use is APA format citation. It is a compilation of how to you should format your quotes and statements that you have lifted from scholarly work of other authors. An APA citation format has a distinction from other formats such as Harvard, MLA, Turabian and Chicago. The rules of APA reference citation vary in terms of formatting the in-text citations, parentheses, font size and spacing as well as formatting the reference page.


Facts about APA Citation Format

There is no APA format citation book that will lack the following known truths about this style of formatting your papers;

  • It is used for citing new papers, websites, books, magazines and journal articles that have relevant information about your topic. APA format for citations will unleash a befitting style when doing it manually, through an auto-cite website, word-processing program or a soft-ware designed for citation purposes.
  • APA is a synonym for American Psychological Association, and it was unveiled initially to cater for sources within the social sciences. The APA format-cite method has been updated over the years to encompass every component of scholarly work of any subject.
  • It is the most preferred format for editing academic papers because it presents information in a comprehensive. For example, if you are if you are using APA-cite format to present a quote, you will be needed to accompany the author's name and year of publication for the in-text citation.
APA essay format

How to Format a Document Using APA Style

Your work should have a readable font, and that is why your professor recommends a font size of 12pt. APA citation formatting requires you to have a running head that forms the page header. It comes at the top of every page in capital letters. It tells the reader in a nutshell what your paper entails. This format requires a maximum of 50 characters to avoid writing a running head that is lengthy. The preferred length includes both spacing and punctuations if there are any.

Your paper must bear a title page that should come at the commencement of your paper. APA citations format requires inclusion of the title of the paper, your name, and institution affiliation. Only the title page will have a ‘running head’ statement preceding the title of the paper. The other pages should contain the title of the paper in capital letters at the left side of the page margin. Remember to include page numbers at the far right side of the page margin.

APA formatting citation method does not limit the number of sources you can use as long as you identify if the resource has one or more author. In both cases, you will need a specific APA format for citation. Make sure that all the authors appear in the bibliography section, and the form of APA works cited page format. Kindly note that;

  • Works by a single author require an in-text citation that has the author’s last name and the year of publication. There are professors or paper writing work that will require APA formatting citations to include a page number where you have lifted the quote or paraphrased statement. The parenthetical for multiple authors calls for names of the authors followed closely by the publication year.
  • It is worth noting that all in-text citations should be enclosed in brackets unless you have presented the author at the beginning of the quote. In that case, you will cite sources in APA format but only the year of publication will be in brackets. Moreover, APA citation formats reference lists require you to include authors and sources in an alphabetical order. Be sure to use auto cite APA format tool if you can to generate a properly formatted list.