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Christopher Columbus Essay Topic Ideas

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Christopher Columbus Essay Topic Ideas

If you are like most students, you probably first learned about Christopher Columbus in early grade school.  Chances are you learned that he led a fleet of three ships across the ocean to find India, but instead found America. Now that you are a college student, you probably understand that the history of Christopher Columbus is much more complicated than that, and not quite as flattering as you were originally taught. If you are working on a Christopher Columbus essay you are going to be writing about a complex topic, a very complicated man, and a lot of compelling although not always pretty history.  When writing about Christopher Columbus, essay topic selection is very important. Once you choose your topic, that will be the driving force behind what you will communicate to your readers about this historical figure. In order to assist our clients and visitors with this task, we have compiled a list of Columbus essay ideas. We hope everybody will find these suggestions helpful and inspirational.

Christopher Columbus Essay Questions, Prompts, and Suggestions

  • Is Christopher Columbus a hero or villain? Do we judge him fairly today, or do we unfairly apply our knowledge and standards to somebody from another century?
  • What was Christopher Columbus’ life like prior to his journey across the ocean?
  • Was Columbus a visionary?
  • What would the impact on the world be if Columbus did not take his journey?
  • Write a compare and contrast essay about imperialism in the time of Columbus and imperialism today?
  • How did Columbus’ treatment of the native people of the West Indies represent typical European attitudes?
  • Why are children taught a sanitized version of the story of Columbus when they are in school?
  • What is more important to the morale of a country upholding the image of historical figures like Columbus or accuracy?
  • Write an argumentative essay about whether or not Columbus’ achievements outshine the negative things that he did.
  • Would expansion into the new world have been possible without exploitation of aboriginal people?
  • Write a compare and contrast essay about the exploitation of natives by Columbus and his crew and the exploitation of natives during the western expansion of the United States.
  • Read a biography of Christopher Columbus and write a book review
  • Watch a movie or documentary about Columbus and write a movie review
  • Write a research paper about Christopher Columbus from a European perspective. Is he considered to be a hero, villain, or something in between by his fellow country men.

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