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Topic Ideas for a Great American Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution was more than an event that resulted in the founding of the United States. It was a previously unheard of action that made impacts that were felt all over the globe. In fact, the effects of the American Revolution are still in evidence today. Because of this, the American Revolution Essay is a very common assignment that is given to students in American History and U.S. Government classrooms. These essays range from asking students to examine the causes of the American Revolution to giving students the task of reading a piece of historical fiction such as ‘Johnny Tremain’ and asking them to write a book review. In many cases however, students are given the opportunity to choose their own topic on the War of Independence. This can be a positive thing, as it gives students the chance to find an essay idea that really interests them. On the other hand, there can be a lot of stress that comes with attempting to select a topic that will impress the instructor. This is why has created this list of varied and interesting Revolutionary War topics. Please note that many of these are also useful to students writing a research paper.

American Revolution Essay Questions and Prompts

  • In terms of creating a new model of government, how revolutionary was the American Revolution?
  • In which ways did the American Revolution trigger the French Revolution?
  • Would democracy exist as it does today if not for the American Revolution?
  • Daughters of the American Revolution are a group of women dedicated to preserving the history of the Revolutionary War and educating others. Is this a worthwhile effort?
  • How would the founding fathers be remembered if the Revolutionary War had been lost to the British
  • What event was the primary catalyst for the American Revolution?
  • What were the effects of the American Revolution on citizens of the United States?
  • What were the top three reasons that colonists wanted out from under British rule?
  • What is the difference between a revolutionary and a traitor?
  • Would the Boston Tea Party be deemed an act of terror today?
  • Compare and contrast some of the battle strategies of the American Revolution with another conflict such as the Civil War
  • Write a biographical essay on an important Revolutionary War figure such as John Hancock
  • For what reasons might a colonist have been against gaining independence from the British?

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