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4 Tips for Writing an Essay on Courage

Content essay on courage

Essay on Courage

The concept of courage can be very complex. Chances are that you know people that you think are very courageous. Chances are also good that the people you see as courageous have all done very different things to earn that label. There is also a good chance that you see courage where other people may not, and that they see courage where you do not. Courage is also a theme that is commonly found in literature, art, poetry, movies, and even song lyrics. What all of this means is that if you are writing an essay on courage, you have a lot to think about. We want to help you write the best paper on courage that you possibly can. This is why we have written up 4 tips to make sure that you stay on the right track when writing about courage.

Step 1: Explore the Question ‘What is Courage?’

What does courage mean to you? If you think that somebody has courage, what traits do they display? How do the people you know define courage? Do you know somebody that you feel is courageous, but would not necessarily be seen as courageous by many other people? Knowing your own thoughts and feelings, and learning more about how others view courage is an important first step.

Step 2: Review Potential Topic Ideas

Now that you have a greater grasp on the concept of courage, let’s review some topic ideas.

  • Write Profiles in Courage essay about the famous novel written by President John F. Kennedy. His book profiled the people he believed were courageous in his time. Who do you think would earn a place in that book today?
  • Write a review of a book or movie that exemplifies true courage
  • Are bravery and courage the same things?
  • Is rebelling against authority courageous?
  • Is Bruce Jenner deserving of an award for courage?
  • Who in your life most personifies courage?
  • Write a definition essay on courage
  • Is courage every confused with popularity?
  • Can somebody break the law and be courageous in doing so?
  • Write a compare and contrast essay about a person who is seen as courageous by main stream society and a figure who is seen as courageous by outliers.
  • Which television character of the last 20 years best represents courage?

Step 3: Research and Take Notes

You have your position and your topic ready to go. Now is the time for you to research and take notes. Courage is not a black and white topic. You won’t be able to prove or disprove anything 100 percent. This means your job is to compile as much useful information as possible and begin using that information in our final product.

Step 4: Get Essay Writing Help

Even after you have done all the work, you may not feel confident to write your essay on courage without some extra help. This is why many students come to, for help on essays about courage and many other topics.