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Tips and Ideas for Writing a Great Of Mice and Men Essay

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Writing a Great Of Mice and Men Essay

If you are writing an of mice and men essay, you will be writing about one of author John Steinbeck’s most well-known novels. Steinbeck wrote this novel based on his experiences as a laborer in rural parts of California. He was influenced by the difficult lives, hopelessness, and the loneliness often experienced by itinerant workers. Of Mice and Men is a story about two such itinerant workers George and Lennie. The two men are polar opposites. George is small, bright, and cunning. Lennie is large and suffers from an obvious intellectual disability. George and Lennie find work at a labor camp and tragedy unfolds resulting first in the death of a puppy at the hands of Lennie, then the death of a woman also at the hands of Lennie, and then ultimately at the death of Lennie himself at the hands of George.

This novel is full of interesting characters and plot twists. However, in spite of this, it can be difficult to decide on which essay questions or prompts to use in your writing. If you are stuck on selecting a topic for your essay, here are a few ideas that might be helpful:

  • Was Lennie truly an innocent, or did the supposedly accidental deaths of animals, the rape accusation, and the eventual death of Curley’s wife reflect an inner evil?
  • Did George truly murder Lennie out of mercy, or were his motives more selfish?
  • What is so compelling about the friendship between George and Lennie?
  • Is Curley’s wife a sympathetic character? Why or why not?
  • Will George’s life be better or worse without Lennie?
  • What is interesting about the combination of a larger dull character and a smaller, brighter character?
  • Is there an inherent sexism in this novel?
  • Watch the movie and compare it with the novel. What are the most noticeable differences?
  • Write a character analysis of Crooks, Slim, or Carlson.
  • Explore Steinbeck’s use of foreshadowing.
  • What is the motivation for the distinct lack of female characters in this novel?
  • How did Steinbeck’s life experiences influence this novel?
  • Compare and contrast Of Mice and Men with the story Freak the Mighty.
  • Write an essay about the Of Mice and Men conclusion. Is it a satisfactory ending?

Of Mice and Men Essay Writing Resources

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