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5 Steps to Writing an Exemplification Essay

Content 5 steps to writing an exemplification essay

What is an Exemplification Essay?

When you write an exemplification essay, you validate a statement or an idea by providing examples to support that statement or idea. The better your examples are, the more convincing your essay will be. This can be a challenging essay for students, because it takes a lot of effort to find the best possible examples and then write them in a way that supports your point of view. In order to help make the writing process a little bit easier, we have created a series of steps that you can follow. These steps will also make the writing process go a bit faster.

Step 1: Create a List of Possible Essay Topics

The first thing you will want to do is create a list of ideas that you believe you can exemplify in an essay. If you think of a statement, and can immediately come up with three or four examples supporting that statement, it is definitely something that should go on your list. As you write each topic statement, jot down a few notes about possible examples. Of course, it goes without saying that your topic should be controversial. There's no need to write an exemplification paper on something that has universal agreement.

Step 2: Make Your Final Topic Selection

Once your list is created, you can narrow it down to one topic. This topic should ideally be one that is interesting to you, doesn't require a lot of background research, and that you believe you can finish relatively quickly. Remember, the sooner you finish writing your essay, the more time you will leave for proofreading and revisions.

Step 3: Begin Working on Your List of Examples

As you look for examples, you should look for the following criteria:

  • The example is complete and not in anyway taken out of context
  • The example is true
  • You can make a direct connection between the example and the statement that you are attempting to support
  • You have enough details to write a paragraph from the examples
  • There is something interesting or entertaining about the example that will keep your audience interested

Step 4: Write a Paragraph for Each Example You Have Selected

Each example you find will become one to two of the body paragraphs in your essay. Remember that you must present your example, and then provide detail on how your example supports the statement that you are trying to exemplify. One thing to keep in mind is that the harder you have to work to make a connection, the less effective your example is.

Step 5: Write Your Introductory and Your Concluding Paragraphs

Once your examples are set, these should be fairly easy to write. You could begin your introductory paragraph explaining why there is controversy over whether or not the statement you are going to introduce is true. Then include the idea you are supporting in your thesis statement. In your conclusion, you can simply demonstrate how your examples build a case for your thesis.

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