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How to write a conclusion

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Many individuals seem to know how to write introduction paragraphs. You could be having the tips on your fingertips. When asked how to write a conclusion paragraph you become dumbfounded and confused. It seems to be an entirely new aspect for you that might become your document’s downfall. The content of your paper will attract your readers but when it comes to the conclusion, it might be weak. This article assists you to understand the following sections of conclusions. They include: 

  • The functions of conclusions.
  • Strategies of writing conclusions
  • How to evaluate the conclusions drafted.
  • Conclusion strategies to avoid.

The first question most people ask is what is a conclusion? This section together with the introduction is the most difficult sections to write. They act as the framework of your whole document. They also assist your target readers to understand the content found in the body of the papers. The conclusion assists your readers to understand that the paper is coming to an end. It also helps them to recognize the importance of the content information contained in the body of your paper. With it, they should be driven to revert to your document when they require information regarding the topic discussed.


The Conclusion Functions

When you seek answers on how to write a good conclusion, you also need to understand the importance of the section. They include: -

  • It provides you with a final word for the issues that you raise in your document.
  • It summarizes your final thoughts on the topic discussed.
  • It provides you with relevance to your ideas.
  • Your readers can develop new views on the subject topic.
  • You also make a final impact to your readers and end it in positive attitude and note.
  • It assists you to consider issues in a broader spectrum, and you can make new networks.
  • It elaborates the significance of the final findings and results.

Your thoughts can also be focused on how to start a conclusion. The main agenda of the conclusion is to assist your intended readers to appreciate the content of your topic. The content should be able to not only interest your readers, but also provide enrichment of knowledge to them.

Conclusion Strategies

The following strategies will assist you to answer the questions on how to write conclusion. They include: 

  • The “So What” Question- When you aren’t satisfied with the way your end is written, read it with a fellow student or friend. Afterwards, you should ask yourself “So what?” It will assist you to understand what final information, ideas, etc. that you want to give your readers.
  • Use the theme of the topic- When you are asking yourself “How do you write a conclusion?” The strategy assists you to remain focused on the central theme of your written product from start to finish.
  • Avoid repetition- Don’t repeat information in the paper. Use examples and other forms of support such as quotations to piece the whole document together.
  • Propose solutions to the problems- Your readers thoughts would be re-directed to thinking of ways that they can implement to the problems faced.

Strategies to Avoid Completely

“So, what is a conclusion paragraph?” This question has been answered many times. Another common question that is asked and answered many times is how to write a conclusion sentence. What most potential writers don’t know about is the strategies that they can avoid when writing their conclusion paragraphs. They include: 

  • Avoid overused phrases such as “in summary”, or “in conclusion”.
  • Do not state the thesis for the first time in your conclusion. How to begin a conclusion involves re-stating the thesis statement in a different manner than you wrote it in the introduction paragraph.
  • Avoid introducing new sub-topics to the conclusion. Don’t include quotations or statistical data that should be placed in the body.
  • Avoid emotional statements that are baseless to the content of the rest of the paper.

How to do a conclusion paragraph is not a difficult question to answer. Your intentions with the conclusion are to leave your readers with information relevant to the topic discussed. It shouldn’t leave them drifting away into other matters that are not associated with the theme. You should allow one of your reliable peers to read the document, and give you feedback before you hand them in.