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Persuasive essay examples

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The persuasive essay is used to convince readers about the writers’ viewpoint on the topic discussed. Evidence should be used to support your point, opposing views and reliable conclusions. Sample persuasive essay topics and examples are available for you to write your documents. There are various tips outlined below that you can use so that your writing process is made easier.


Prewriting Phase

This step is extremely vital to the writing process. As a writer, you should plan this phase step-by-step. You can look for free samples of persuasive essay example papers to guide you. You should also do the following:

  • Select the position that you advocate.
  • Understand the target audience so that you write the product according to the readers’ perspective.
  • Carry out the research work and use reliable evidence that will convince your readers. You can use the information received from library books, your instructors and class notes.
  • Identify conflicting evidence on the opposing side.

Persuasive essay prompts are available online and other sources. Once you pick the prompt that best suits your document, you should begin to organize your research points. If your instructors provide you with an essay structure, you should incorporate it within your outline. The paragraphs included in the document are five, and other times it can be six paragraphs. They include:

  • The introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Body (3 paragraphs)
  • Opposing (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion( 1 paragraph)

Drafting Phase

When you look at the persuasive essay template, you will have clear guidelines on drafting the essay. They include the following: -

  • Strong thesis that will grab readers’ attention. You can use unusual facts, statistics, questions, quotations and others. It should leave no doubts about the position that you support as a writer.
  • The body paragraphs should represent separate points. They should offer strong evidence through facts, statistics, expert quotes, and real-life examples. You can also use analogies, comparisons, and hypothetical situations.
  • With an example persuasive essay, you can learn that you shouldn’t make assumptions about the audience. You should define all the terms in your document, and also provide background information on the same.
  • The conclusion should be a summary of all the relevant evidence used in the assignment. It should convince your readers to take a position for or against the topic.

The Revision Phase

In this phase, you should modify your work to achieve goals of making it an excellent written product. With a persuasive essay outline template you can determine the following in this particular period:

  • What is the firm position represented from the issue? What evidence supports it?
  • Is there an adequate thesis statement that intrigues the readers?
  • Is the evidence compelling enough to focus on the supporting points?
  • Are the points for the opposing view refuted convincingly?
  • Does the conclusion paragraph convey the position of the writer? Does it make the reader think and also act?

The Editing Phase

Proofreading and editing out all the errors is a must. Persuasive essay examples high school and persuasive essay examples middle school papers have mandatory guidelines on the editing process. You can also request your friend or fellow student to read the products and give you fresh perspectives.


The Publishing Phase

When you have a persuasive essay sample to guide you, you will finish your documents within a short timeline. You can share the paper with your classmates too. The experience will assist you to get feedback to write your papers. There are various sample persuasive essays topics that you can write about. They include:

  • Abandoning your pets is a crime. You should get arrested.
  • Snowy days are pleasant moments to spend with your family.
  • Parenting classes are necessary for teen mothers and fathers.
  • Too much money can be a bad thing.
  • Specialized degrees for arts and sciences should be offered in High School.
  • Kids should get cash incentives for getting good grades.
  • There should be limitations to free speech.
  • Magazine advertisements are sending unhealthy messages to young women and teens.

There are various persuasive essay examples for middle school that you can use to write your documents. You can use the prompts to brainstorm and jump-start the writing process of your papers. You should also invite your target audience to provide their feedback and take a stand on the topic.