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Topic Sentence

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A paragraph is made up of a variety of sentences put together in a coherent manner and within the limits of grammar. There are different types of sentences within a single paragraph, but there are some that are more important than others. These sentences are called topic sentences.


The Purpose of a Topic Sentence

The focus sentence is the main focus of a paragraph. It is the very sentence of a paragraph that holds the key idea or information carried by the entire paragraph. Formal writing demands students or professional commercial writers to equip themselves with tactics on how to write a topic sentence. A topic sentence tells the reader about a paragraph in nutshell and all other sentences revolve around the main idea carried by the focus sentence.

Writing topic sentences requires the writer to have backup data in the form of facts and figures. These facts and figures are carried by the support sentences that come after the focus sentence. They cannot stand on their own because they carry a summary of information. They are components of a thesis statement especially if the work being compiled in the form of an essay or research paper. An essay or research paper with topic sentences is easier to read and mark.

Putting Together a Topic Sentence

It is extremely easy to get to learn how to make a topic sentence. First of all, you must understand the primary purpose of your writing assignment. The assignment is based on the general idea that is communicated or summarized in the thesis statement. The discussion that follows in support paragraph must revolve around the thesis statement. Expounding the thesis statement requires specific ideas that come through research or brainstorming. The thesis statement is broken down through topic sentences so that it becomes easier to give the paper a well-thought focus. Therefore, one way of learning how to write topic sentences is by coining a thesis statement for your paper.

A Few Examples for Your Topic Sentence Practice

Writing a remarkable comes with practice but a summary on how to derive a topic sentence would suffice and assist you in the process. Remember, they must be focused around the thesis of the paper. They must not digress from the thesis statement because it is the roadmap for the piece of writing.

  • If you are writing about endangered species in the world, your topic sentence can be in the form of specific animals that know are endangered based on your knowledge and research. Introduce the topic sentence such as; white rhinos are reducing in numbers. Proceed to give reasons, facts and statistics in relation to the topic sentence.
  • If the thesis statement is about the pollution in the developing world, writing a topic sentence such as ‘there are many reasons why pollution has escalated in the developing world’. Then give your reasons through support sentences.
  • When the thesis is ‘how to become an effective manager’, a focus sentence such as ‘top characteristics of an effective manager’. That would make up a single paragraph then proceed to expound the essay with any other information that relates to outstanding managerial practice.
essay topic sentence

Summary Information about the Topic Sentence You Choose

Teaching topic sentences or holding topic sentence activities is not enough.

  1. A topic sentence is written at the beginning of a paragraph, but that is not a cardinal rule. It is placed at the beginning since it is the most logical place for it. Knowing that there can be one or two transitional sentences before the topic sentence is a viable topic sentence lesson. You will hardly struggle to come up with a focus sentence when you are writing.
  2. Holding topic sentence games would suffice if you are looking forward to becoming a good essay writer. Write an essay and compete with a friend.
  3. All topic sentence lessons are aimed at hammering the idea that all focus sentences are aimed at establishing a connecting between a paragraph and the thesis statement of the essay or research paper. It is a top cardinal rule if you are out to write an accomplished essay or research paper.
  4. Teaching topic sentence work will reveal that not all paragraphs will require a topic sentence. There are paragraphs that develop the preceding paragraphs and therefore coming up with a new topic sentence becomes redundant.