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Essay cover page

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You will handle an essay the moment you step into an educational institution. Whether in high school or college, the essays will be part of your life. The essay is a diverse paper that covers many topics and themes. They are understandable because they focus on a particular theme. The examples of essays include persuasive essays, argumentative essays, college essays, definition essays and others. The writing process consumes time, and when you finish the document, you become relieved. You also proofread and edit it until there is no error detected.

Once you give your instructors the papers, you realize that you have forgotten something-the cover page for essay. You will lose some marks during the grading process because you don’t have a cover page. Before you begin working on the assignment itself, you can write a cover page first. You should leave space where you will slot in the relevant information such as your name, school, unit, topic, and date.


The Writing Process

Once you follow the instructions outlined below for cover page essay¸ you won’t be bothered anymore with your educational documents. They include: 

  • Choose the Writing Style - There are four main recognized writing styles that you can choose. They include APA format, MLA format, Chicago/Turabian format, and Harvard format. The MLA format is mainly used for Humanities, Arts, and Literature sectors. There is also the APA format that is used for social sciences.

  • Spacing and Font - The cover page for an essay should be double-spaced. The words should be written using Times New Roman font, and the size should be 12-point.
  • The Running Head - Students should remember to include a running head to their cover page. Look for essay cover page template and samples to understand the arrangement. The running head should be written at the top-right-hand corner of all the successive pages.
  • Title Centering- The title should be one-third downwards on the cover pages for essays. The total word count shouldn’t exceed 12 words. The words should also be typed using both upper and lower cases. Your name, university’s name, and teachers’ name should come after the title.

The cover page of an essay should also include the following tips listed below. They include: -

  • The paper should have margins of 8.5 by 11-inch paper. It should also be white in color. Avoid using colored or scented papers to write your academic documents.
  • The margins should be set with a 1-inch difference from all sides of the assignment.
  • You don’t have to make sample cover page for essay unless your professors have asked you to produce it.
  • Follow the specifications that your instructors have provided so that you complete the cover page.


Cover Page Related Matters to Consider

The cover page for essays has other matters considered before your instructors accept it. They include: 

  • The relevancy of the cover page to the essay.
  • Clear cover page - Avoid disorganized cover pages. It is the top page of your assignment. It gives the first impression for the rest of your essay. If it is chaotic, your instructors will form negative judgments about your document before they even read it.
  • Information included in the title page - When you look at examples of cover pages for essays you will notice similarities on the arrangement process of title page information. Mostly, your instructors will give you guidelines about the assignment.
  • Title page display- This is determined through the instructions that the lecturers and professors provide. If you use two or more different fonts, it can cause confusion and also distract your target readers. With an essay cover page example, you will notice that the font is clear and easily readable.
  • Paging - You can use the “different first page” setting to enable the cover page to be separated from other document pages. You can insert the preset cover page into the documents. You can find example cover page for essay from various online sources.

Essay cover pages are relevant in making your assignments look professional. It is appropriate for any educational document that you undertake. You should always prepare the page unless your instructors ask you not to do it. You can look at examples of a cover page for an essay to understand the writing process better. They will assist you to design and write your cover pages effectively.